Paintings by James Warren Perry
Painting by James Warren Perry entitled: In The Light
My paintings are the product of the deeply held belief that our lives are worthy of our most focused attention. Given the supercharged, media-saturated environment in which most of us live, the act of quieting one's mind for a moment of reflection and communion with one's surroundings is a rare and sacred occurrence.
I have come to embrace a working process based on direct, intense, first-hand observation. I don't use photographs in the creation of my paintings. When creating a landscape, I paint detailed studies on location, making numerous visits to the site. I immerse myself in a landscape where often, beneath a tranquil surface, powerful forces are at work. I combine these studies with pencil sketches, memories and information stored at the subconscious level to develop larger paintings completed in the studio. The resulting work depicts not only the landscape before me, but my act of human perception and thus, my humanity.
My still-life paintings are also the result of direct, sustained observation. The simple act of placing an object on my table and painting it affords me the opportunity to luxuriate in the magic and sensuality contained in our every day, and, most often, overlooked existence.
This process of observation, interaction and interpretation encourages me to remain aware and present. At this moment of awareness, I return to myself. I feel a deep connection to myself, to my surroundings, and to the sublime beauty that permeates our lives.

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Fairfax, CA      
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